Young: TTT is a great platform for local content

TTT is an excellent platform for local content.

According to the Minister of Communications the Honourable Stuart Young, M.P the state-owned multi-media organisation should be seen as the media of choice for local content producers. He told a meeting earlier today (March 15, 2109) with the board of TTT that they now operate in a difficult environment in which traditional media is being challenged and has less support.

Minister Young said for this reason differentiation is particularly important for TTT. He encouraged TTT to continue the good work it had been doing with some of its programming, for example its morning show, NOW.

He urged the meeting which included members of management and a presentation by the interim CEO Lisa Wickham, to ensure TTT also provides a space for young people.

“There a lot of young people out there who want to produce content, the model has to be that once it meets your quality, we will cut a deal with them and help them promote their product,” Stuart said.

Chairman of TTT’s board, Lisa Agard agreed; she reassured the Minister that TTT is aiming to grow its market share and earn revenue to sustain itself in the future. She said based on the feedback, people are interested in local content:

“Local producers do not have a mechanism to showcase their content so we have decided as a strategic pillar of ours going forward, that we will be the eco-system for the distribution of content.”

She said the board is working on changing the culture of TTT from one that depends on government’s monthly subvention to one that earns revenue to sustain itself.

TTT was formally launched on August 30th, 2018 which marked the official change over from its previous brand, CNMG.


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