Work continues on North Coast Road

The North Coast Road remains closed to the general public. However, the roadway is open to local residents only. The Ministry of Works and Transport has advised that citizens should avoid the commute to the North Coast Road unless absolutely necessary (such as residents in the area), until further notice due to the continuation of landslides. ODMP is advising citizens to proceed with caution in the following areas:

The Blanchisseuse Road, Blanchisseuse is affected by a landslide at the 21-22MM, in the vicinity of the Blanchisseuse Old Road. The roadway is currently passable to single lane traffic.

Some parts of Cedar Grove, Mayaro are affected by flood waters.

The Woodland Main Road, La Fortune Pluck Road and Rahamut Trace, Woodland is affected by flood waters. However, it is passable by most vehicles.

Some parts of the Manzanilla Mayaro Road are also affected by flood waters.  However, there is minimal disruption to the normal traffic flow.

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government Coordinator has reported the following incidents to the ODPM:

--There is a landslide at Balandra Road near the Fishing Depot. The roadway is passable to single lane traffic. The Regional Corporation Backhoe has been deployed to remedy the situation.

--There was a landslide on the Paria Branch Road, San Souci. This was resolved by the Regional Corporation and the roadway is now accessible to all.

Motorists are advised to proceed with caution.

The Minister of Rural Development and Local Government who is also the acting Minister of Works and Transport, Haji Kazim Hosein accompanied Senior Disaster Management Coordinator, Rishi Siew; Director of Highways (Ag.) Navin Ramsingh and the technical team from the Ministry of Works and Transport to the North Coast Road on December 2 as works continued to clear the rubble from the consistent landslips.



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