Weather impact sailings of the T&T Express and M.V Cabo Star

The public is hereby reminded that at this time of the year the sea conditions can impact on the sailing schedule as, from time to time, the wave heights are predicted to be in excess of the acceptable 3m for the passenger vessels.
In addition to which Captains use to monitor sea conditions, there has also been a Rough Seas Bulletin issued by the Meteorological Office advising of the existing sea state. At this time, the sea conditions for the period Friday 23rd February – Sunday 25th February reflect wave height in excess of 3m.
Accordingly the following sailings are cancelled:
Friday 23rd February 2.00 pm Cancelled
Saturday 24th February 2.00 pm 6.30 am Cancelled
Sunday 25th February 2.00 pm 8.30 am Cancelled
The sea conditions will be monitored daily and should there be a reduction in the wave height, the public will be advised accordingly on the resumption of the service. The cargo vessel, the M.V Cabo Star will continue to sail as scheduled, at 2.00 pm from POS and at 11.00 pm from TGO.
Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transportation Co. Ltd is also advising that the dedicated cargo vessel, the M.V. Cabo Star will sail on Saturday 24th February, 2018 as follows:

From POS 1.00 PM & From TGO – 11.00 PM

The Board of PATT thanks you for your understanding at this time.


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