Video of female child being sexually assaulted did not originate in T&T

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has confirmed through collaboration with United States law enforcement that the graphic video, which had been circulating on social media; depicting a female child being sexually assaulted by an adult male, did not originate in Trinidad and Tobago.

The TTPS was notified by our US counterparts that a 44-year-old man wanted in connection with a 'child porn video being shared around the world' had been arrested.

Germaine Moore turned himself over to Millbrook Police Department, Alabama, at 2:30am (CST) on Tuesday 6th February, 2018. The man was charged with sexual assault of a child, distribution of video depicting the assault and first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Another man, identified as Jerrell Washington , 42, was charged with distributing the video. In a public statement, Montgomery Police Department in Alabama, which charged Washington, warned that 'anyone who shares the video, even in outrage', can also face charges.

On February 1st, 2018, the TTPS issued a statement In which it 'strongly cautioned' members of the public to desist from putting into circulation or causing g to be circulated, graphic images or pornographic material, involving g children , whether on social media or via the traditional electronic and print media or in any other form whatsoever.

It further warned that to engage in the distribution or circulation of sexually graphic or explicit material involving minors, constitutes an offence under section 40 (1) of the Children Act.

The Act states inter alia, “any person who knowingly publishes, distributes, transmits or shows any child pornography; obtains access, through information and communication technology, to child pornography; has in his possession or control any pornography; purchases, exchanges or otherwise receives any child pornography, commits an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment, to a fine of $30,000 and to imprisonment for ten years.

Section  40  (2)  of  the Act, also  provides  that,  a person knowingly distributes child pornography, if he knowingly (a) offers; or (b) transmits by any means including post , courier, electronic means or facsimile, child pornography to another person.”

Members of the public are therefore reminded that for the purposes of the law, it matters not from where the offending material originates. Should a member of the public come into possession of graphic material involving children, said material must to be brought to the attention of the police, for the initiation of an appropriate investigation.


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