*Updated 12PM - T&TEC Urgent Customer Advisory

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May 11, 2016: The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is aware of a problem being experienced by the Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) at its Plant in La Brea, which has resulted in a loss of electricity supply to customers in the West, East, Central and South Trinidad.

The electricity supply has been restored to most customers in West Trinidad and we expect all other affected customers to have their supply restored in approximately two hours. T&TEC extends its apologies to customers for any inconvenience caused as a result of today’s outage.

12PM Update to above article

As work continues to restore supply to customers affected by a problem at the Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) Plant in La Brea, T&TEC is urging customers who are on supply to reduce consumption in order to speed up the restoration process. This can be done by turning off non-essential appliances/ equipment, for example AC units, dryers or heavy equipment. 

Reduced consumption will assist the Commission in managing the load demand, for distribution to more areas.  





For more information, please contact:
Corporate Communications Department - Publications
Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission
63 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Tel. 623-2611 Ext. 2176

Trinidad Generation Unlimited
Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission


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