Tuberculosis seminar for staff of the New Horizon and Piparo Empowerment Centres

One of the overarching goals of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services is to assist its clientele to become empowered through rehabilitative and skills enhancement programmes, which enables them (the client) to play an active role in transforming their own lives and that of their families and communities. The Piparo Empowerment Centre and New Horizons are vehicles through which these objectives can be achieved.

The Piparo Empowerment Centre (PEC) is a therapeutic community which provides residential treatment, rehabilitation services and skills training for male substance abusers by employing the principles of responsible love and concern with the highest professional standards using all available resources and networking with relevant agencies. The New Horizons Centre, located in the vicinity of the PEC, provides viable alternatives to street dwelling to meet the long term care and rehabilitation needs of the socially displaced.

The PEC’s team collaborated with the staff at New Horizons to host their quarterly Continuous Developmental Education Programmes (CDEP) with the focus on Tuberculosis.

These programmes target the populations of both New Horizons and the PEC since both are guided by the tenets ‘Helping, Empowering and Transforming Lives’ and this investment which will reap rewards not only for the PEC and New Horizon but for the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and, by extension, families of the residents.

The event, moderated by Mr. Jefferson Jurawan, Clinical Director of the PEC addressed Tuberculosis symptoms and causes, prevention and treatment, latent and clinically active Tuberculosis since research in the United States indicated that rates of TB remain high among homeless persons, and those who use illicit drugs. Following the session, participants indicated that the information provided was indeed relevant to their scope of work and expressed the need for continuation of such training.


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