Statement by Minister of Works and Transport in response to FFOS

I have read the statements of the FFOS contained in a letter to the editor on the matter pertaining to the proposed Highway Development from Cumuto to Manzanilla.

The public is assured that all the projects undertaken by the Ministry of Works and Transport, comply with the Government`s stated position of ensuring that the interest of the environment is given paramount importance in all social and economic development. This Ministry has always been transparent and accountable in its tendering process.

This Ministry has always indicated its readiness and willingness to work with relevant non-governmental organizations to ensure that all legitimate issues of stakeholders are addressed. The approach is always one of seeking to gain consensus after meaningful dialogue.

As Minister, I wish to thank all the residents who attended the recent interactive session held at the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, to discuss the benefits to be derived from the project at hand. The people of Sangre Grande, Manzanilla, Toco and surrounding communities have demonstrated patience over the last twenty (20) years for the realization of this project. The Ministry of Works and Transport and its agents always work within the parameters of the law and abide by the directions of the Court in this matter.


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