Statement from the Minister of National Security on Nishal Sankat deportation

As Minister of National Security, I was contacted by US authorities yesterday, Monday 1 October, 2018, and was informed that Mr. Nishal Sankat is to be deported back to Trinidad and Tobago from the United States of America on Wednesday 3 October, 2018.

I wish to state that all arms of our law enforcement that deal with returning deportees have been notified and are prepared to receive Mr. Sankat, in the usual course of a returning national who has been deported.

The Ministry of National Security is in contact with US authorities to obtain as much information pertaining to Mr. Sankat as possible.

It is our understanding that Mr. Sankat made a deal via plea bargaining with the US authorities, which included his self-agreed deportation to Trinidad and Tobago.

Our law enforcement authorities, including the Immigration Division and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, are on standby to receive Mr. Sankat. 

Minister of National Security

The Honourable Stuart Young


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