Statement from the Minister of Communications on Republic Day

As we celebrate the anniversary of our Republic, let us renew the promise we made to ourselves as a young nation 43 years ago when we signaled to the rest of the world our readiness to craft our own destiny.

We understood then, as we do now, the importance of charting our course, with full local participation, a decision which led to the creation of a Trinidad and Tobago we proudly celebrate today.

Our political, economic and social achievements to date are reasons to reaffirm our commitment to discipline, production and tolerance. And above all, this is an occasion to celebrate Trinidad and Tobago and the spirit of being Trinbagonian.

But as we look towards a new day, our experiences, our hopes and our aspirations must be built on partnerships.  Partnerships at home, build a family. Partnerships at work, build a business. Partnerships of different stakeholders, build society. Partnerships of the government and the people, build a nation. And partnerships of nations, build a better world. Partnerships are needed today now more than ever. It is the glue holding together family, nation and world.

Other countries, particularly our Caribbean neighbours, observe us with admiration. They marvel that we have achieved so much despite great odds. However, we must also appreciate that our journey is far from complete. There are still ideas to be discovered, dreams to materialize and gaps to be filled.

We must re-think our standard of achievement and success: from quantity to quality; from a literate society to a knowledge-based one; from just doing well to aspiring to excellence; from a nation that has room for all segments and all communities to a family that encourages and celebrates the uniqueness and potential in each person.

Let us remember to always thank God for bringing us this far as a nation.

However, I remain confident that as Trinbagonians we possess the resilience, fortitude, faith and the ability to achieve all that we set out to do.  Let’s put our hearts and minds together to achieve our goals as our great nation celebrates yet another Republic Day.

Happy 43rd Republic Day Trinidad and Tobago!

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