Statement on hunting

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited is very mindful of the laws and traditions related to hunting in Trinidad and Tobago.

The company is also very committed to the safety of all its employees and other persons who utilize, traverse and work within its fields and properties.

As such, the company has been engaged in talks with the authorities, as well as hunters, with a view to promoting safety and security during the hunting season, in areas where it is permitted.
We see this as the best way forward for all parties involved; allowing hunting in areas where we have assessed that the safety risk is acceptable to all and having a common understanding of how to do this with no harm to people or assets.

It should also be noted that hunting was never allowed in the Forest Reserve and Grand Ravine areas in previous hunting seasons as has been reported.

There have been occasions where hunters were seen hunting in close proximity to our Tank Farms and were asked to stop by our mobile patrols. This was necessary to protect our employees, as well as the hunters, as they were adjacent to large hydrocarbon storage areas.

Heritage has been and will remain committed to protecting our people, the hunters and our oil and gas  assets while respecting the right of the hunters and abiding by the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

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