Princes Town regional corporation opens disaster management sub office in Moruga

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government is pleased to announce that the Princes Town Regional Corporation has opened a new Disaster Management sub office in Moruga. Present at the formal opening yesterday (March 16, 2018) were Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Haji Kazim Hosein, Minister in the Ministry of Education and Member of Parliament for Moruga/Tableland Dr. Lovell Francis, Chairman of the Princes Town Regional Corporation Gowrie Roopnarine, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Rural Development Ms. Desdra Bascombe, along with members of Council and representatives of the Ministry. 

This sub office will allow for a more rapid disaster response in the area. The flooding experienced in the Moruga area last year revealed the need for more resources to be located within the community to allow efficient deployment of emergency supplies in the shortest time possible. Chairman Roopnarine said, “This sub office is equipped with the necessary materials to assist Moruga residents in an emergency rather than having to bring them from the corporation office in Princes Town.” 

Minister Kazim Hosein applauded the efforts of the Princes Town Regional Corporation saying, “Disaster Management is an important function in each corporation, and part of local government reform is to increase the capability of our first responders. This sub office will definitely serve that purpose. And I commend the Chairman, Council and Administration for their efforts to serve the community in this way”

The Princes Town Disaster Management Unit can be reached at 655-8804 for more information or at the hotline number 800-PTRC (7872) in an emergency.


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