Presentation College students vote for top teachers

In a unique demonstration of democracy in action, the students of Presentation College, San Fernando, cast their ballots to vote in the first two weeks of October, 2018 for the top Male and Female Teachers of the Year in the school.When the final votes were counted, the best Male Teacher category was won by Christopher Mohip (Geography) while Adana Forrester (English Language and Literature) copped the top Female Teacher award. A total of twenty (20) teachers were recognised as part of a Teacher Recognition ceremony held at the College on Monday 29th October, 2018. The event was also held in observance of the Month of the Teacher.

The VictoriaEducation District and the Office of the Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education played a significant role in organising the award ceremony. The teachers received tokens of appreciation from school administration as a mark of appreciation for their unstinting efforts to improve the lives of their students through education.

Speaking with a serious tone of his voice in the quiet of his office, Presentation College, San Fernando, Principal Dexter Mitchell explained the voting procedure. “The voting was done in the office during recess and lunch time for approximately eight days. They had to put their ballots in a ballot box and we did not want any duplicate voting, so they put their names on the ballot papers to ensure that the students didn’t vote twice,” he said.

To the best of Mitchell’s knowledge, who has spent approximately thirty (30) years in the Education System, his is the only school to have ever conducted this one of a kind voting process to select the best teachers in a school.

He described his school’sstudent democracy project as being evidence of his school’s culture of having dedicated teachers motivated to producing brilliant students within the Education System.  A pensive looking Mitchell expressed a personal wish of seeing this kind of student activism via the ballot box becoming an integral part of the national education landscape.

“If it is done by a school by school basis, I could see benefits because teachers would be more motivated at the end of the day. It is something that could be done, at each of the eight  Education Districts,we could have a teacher of the year,” he said.Perhaps, he suggested, this can also be done at the national level through the Ministry of Education.

Motivated teachers, in his opinion, is key to maintaining successful academic standards and to delivering a high quality curriculum delivery.

The Male and Female Teachers of the Year Christopher Mohipand Adana Forrester were gracious in accepting their awards. “I feel very honoured and privileged and I’m happy blessed to be recognised, said Forrester.  Meanwhile, Mohipfelt a deep sense of humility to receive his award. “Just to receive this award today, I feel very humbled and honoured and I give thanks to God for it,” said Mohip.


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