PM congratulates Jereem Richards

Trinidad and Tobago has yet another reason to be proud, following the stunning performance of Jereem Richards in the 200m men’s final at the Commonwealth Games yesterday (April 12, 2018). It gives me great pleasure to congratulate young Mr. Richards on his hard-fought victory, as he has simultaneously carved out a place for himself in the history books of our nation.

Not since 1970 has an athlete from Trinidad and Tobago earned a medal in the 200m men’s event at the Commonwealth Games. With this victory, Mr. Richards has also secured this nation our very first gold medal in that category. He has every reason to be proud of this achievement, given his persistence and dedication to his discipline over the years.

These qualities most certainly contributed to his capacity to run a challenging race, without losing focus and emerging victorious in the end. Despite the outlook. In spite of the seemingly insurmountable odds that he faced in the final stretch, Jereem gave it his all. He didn’t falter. He never gave up. And in the end he prevailed.

We commend Jereem on his tenacity and sportsmanship. This outcome, no doubt a result of his hard work and sacrifice, will certainly boost the confidence of our local athletes as they too seek to excel in this field.

On behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and my fellow citizens, I commend Jereem on his accomplishment and wish all of our athletes at the Games continued success on the world stage.



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