PCA seeks witnesses in recent incident involving a man who sat on his vehicle while being towed

Caption: Driver sits on bonnet of his vehicle while being towed to the Sea Lots impound on October 17. (Photo courtesy trinidadexpress.com)

October 18, 2016: From recent print and electronic media sources the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) learnt of an incident in which a motor vehicle was being towed while its driver was seated on the bonnet.

It was alleged that a police officer was present when the vehicle was removed, by the wrecking service in the presence of its driver.

On that basis, the Authority has initiated an independent investigation into the surrounding circumstances to determine whether or not the matter is one of serious police misconduct based on neglect of duty in breach of Police Service Regulations 150 (2) (d) (i).

A duty is placed on the relevant police officer to “make brief enquiries in the immediate vicinity in an effort to locate the driver;”: as per Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Standing Order No.44 (15) (b) (i). This duty is also impliedly reflected under section 108 (i) (b) of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act.

Additionally, “where a vehicle has been hooked up or is in the actual process of being hooked up to a wrecker, but the vehicle has not been removed from where it was parked and the driver or person in control of the vehicle simultaneously appears and claims the vehicle, he shall –

(i) Release the vehicle to the driver or person claiming the vehicle;”: as per Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Standing Order No.44 (15) (c) (i) .

In this regard, the PCA requests that the driver or any witnesses to the incident come into the PCA located at Level 24 Tower D, International Waterfront Centre to further facilitate the investigation.





For further information please contact:

The Communications Unit

Police Complaints Authority

868-627-4383/4386 Ext. 2468, 2413

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Police Service Traffic Branch
Police Complaints Authority


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