Passengers on T&T Express to be accommodated on CAL

In the interest of public safety the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) has withdrawn the T&T Express from service with immediate effect.

To accommodate the high demand at this time arrangements have been made with Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL), based on the availability of seats, to accommodate some of the passengers with confirmed tickets during the period 8th to 14th February.  An available seat will be provided at no extra cost to the passenger, on a first come first served basis.  Only passengers with confirmed tickets will be allowed to access this facility.

The vehicles of passengers with confirmed tickets will be accommodated on the daily sailing of the Cabo Star, and all ticket holders will be shuttled via PTSC to the Piarco International Airport and the ANR International Airport accordingly at no additional cost.

The following shuttle schedule is relevant:

From POS Ferry Terminal to Piarco International Airport:              From 1PM to 3PM

From Scarborough Passenger Terminal to ANR Robinson Airport: From 5AM to 7AM

Confirmed passengers will be required to check in at the Port of Spain or Scarborough Passenger Terminal prior to accessing the shuttle.

 The Board of PATT thanks you for your understanding at this time.  The non- sailing of the T&T Express is necessary to ensure the safety of passengers, vehicles and crew.


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