Over 18 thousand students to write SEA

A total of 18,849 students across Trinidad and Tobago will enter their classrooms on Thursday 4th April, 2019 to write the annual Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) and I take this opportunity to extend my warmest wishes of support for each and every one of these students. I also take this opportunity to thank all of the parents, guardians and teachers who have prepared each student for this important day in their academic journey.

Before assuming office as Minister of Education, I had the opportunity of being both a primary school and secondary school principal and I know firsthand the significance of this day to all involved today and for those who will be receiving new students at registration for new secondary schools in July, this is why we have made it our duty to ensure that all processes work cohesively and smoothly on this day.

The hard work and diligence of each student in the preparation for this examination must be commended. The level of commitment, resilience and willingness to pursue success is remarkable for children of such a young age. I remain hopeful for Trinidad and Tobago as I see that these young people will take our country and secure its future.

I can also conform today, that the Ministry has been working assiduously to ensure that no form of disruption occurs to challenge the mental preparedness of our students, parents, teachers, principals and school supervisors before, during and after the examination throughout Trinidad and Tobago. All systems have been tested and re-tested for the smoothest flow and successful administration of this exam.

Our School Supervisors, principals and teachers have been trained and will be doing one last training on Wednesday in collaboration with the Division of Educational Research and Evaluation (DERE) in preparation for receiving students and conducting the assessment on Thursday.

The support of our various stakeholders and support systems must be acknowledged and in addition to the Ministry of Education’s preparations for the SEA, the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) has reinitiated the annual SEA hotline for the day of the examination.

Hot Line numbers for T&TEC, the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA), and Units of the Ministry of Education that could be needed on the day have been communicated by the Examination Unit to School Supervisors and principals in order to address any issues that may arise.

Parents, guardians, well wishers I implore you all to remember that on their own, the students have already set goals in their mind. At this time what they need is your support and encouragement. As nervous as you may be for them, please try to keep your messages positive and reinforce that in whichever secondary school he/she is placed, they will continue to succeed because they have been prepared for it and because you will be with them every step of the way.

For those of you who pray or in whatever way your family is able to find moments of calmness, clarity and peace, take a moment to share that with your child. Trust that they are prepared and give them the reassurance to go bravely, boldly and confidently into this examination.

The Ministry of Education cannot emphasise enough its commitment to quality, access and equity in education and we will be continuing on as all 18, 459 students make the transition to secondary school to ensure that opportunities for growth, development and success in keeping with these dynamic times, are available to all students.

Again, let me wish all students best in their endeavours in the SEA and beyond and may God continue to richly bless us all.

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