Old video making rounds on social media

The Ministry of Education is clarifying reports on a video depicting a young boy singing and holding a firearm that is being shared on Social Media.
The Ministry has performed its due diligence and investigated the matter and found that the video in question is over one (1) year old and has been treated with by the necessary authorities both at the school and with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).
The Ministry of Education places a high priority on student safety and immediately investigated the matter when it first appeared. It must be noted that the video was not filmed on any school compound.
The student in the video is currently under the supervision of the Student Support Services Division of the Ministry and the relevant Guidance Officers and School Social Workers have been assigned to assist the student.
Understanding that though the video is old it can still be a cause for concern for students, teachers and parents of the school the student attends, security protocol has been enhanced at the school and the TTPS will be making intermittent checks to ensure that the school population remains at ease.
Minister of Education the Honourable Anthony Garcia highlighted the quick work of the Student Support Services Division and School Supervision and Management Division in their response to the matter.
He went on to state that “Issues of gun violence have been surrounding us everywhere locally, regionally and internationally. Though the video in question did not show the young man using the firearm, it is still cause for concern that it was accessible.
The Ministry will continue to work with the Police Service and other private entities to educate our students on the dangers of guns and why they should not be taken lightly.”
The Minister also thanked members of the public who were judicious in their actions and brought the video to the attention of the Ministry without spreading it further. “Managing these challenges without the spectacle and sensationalism must be the priority for all of us.” The Minister reminded.


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