No Travel Advisory by British Government on T&T

October 26, 2017: The Ministry of National Security wishes to advise that articles that have appeared in the electronic media in respect of an advisory issued by the British Government to its nationals about Trinidad and Tobago, is not based on any new alert state that has been directed by that Government to its nationals visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

The British Government has assessed the threat situation in approximately 128 countries globally, and there is no new threat level update which has been issued on Trinidad and Tobago by the UK since its last release in August 2017.

Despite speculation that Trinidad and Tobago nationals who might have journeyed to the Middle East to join ISIS and other groups may want to return to Trinidad and Tobago, the Government wishes to assure its citizens and visitors alike that Trinidad and Tobago takes the fight against global terrorism seriously. The Government is therefore continuously taking all necessary measures, which include close collaboration with its foreign partners, to combat the threat.




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