NCRHA corrects misinformation surrounding the death of a patient

The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) wishes to express its concerns as it pertains to the misinformation surrounding the death of a patient at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) on June 2nd, 2018. 

It is very concerning to the NCRHA the statements that are being reported in the media. As we continue to improve for the benefit of the public, it is imperative that we maintain its confidence. In this regard we wish to inform the public that the NCRHA takes seriously its duty as it relates to patient information.   As such, we are unable to divulge all information regarding this incident, even if by so doing we can clarify or correct misinformation about this incident.

We are however at liberty to state the following facts:

At approximately 3:40 am, and in full view of witnesses inclusive of other patients and staff, the patient in question broke through a glass louvre window to land in the outer corridor of an inpatient ward, after exhibiting violent and aggressive behaviour. The patient then threw himself over a bannister on the 2nd floor, before nursing and the security team could grab hold of him.

The Authority continues to operate under its duty of confidentiality to our patient, however should  the next of kin permit the NCRHA to release any additional information and allow us to address misinformation that is circulating in the public’s domain, we are ready to do so.

To ensure that our reputation is not brought into further disrepute, we are currently seeking legal advice with respect to the steps which can be taken to stop the further publication of inaccurate statements, which are being made by certain persons in the public domain.

The NCRHA remains committed as we strive to improve the quality of the delivery of health care to our patients.

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