National Trust and Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd hosts “Heritage is Me” art competition

March 17, 2021: “What is heritage?”  This is the question the National Trust and Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd are encouraging young local artists to explore in their art competition launched to commemorate International Day for Monuments and Sites on April 18th. National Heritage is an important part of national culture, and conservation of important built and natural heritage monuments and sites is central to a country developing a strong and sustainable self-identity.

The art competition has been developed under the theme “Heritage is Me”, and through this venture, the National Trust and Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd are encouraging young artists and their families to reconnect with the outdoors and re-discover the beauty and diversity of their heritage.

“Over the past year, we have witnessed a once in a century global disaster with the corona virus. This has prompted us to change the way we conduct our lives,  but as challenging as that has been, our heritage has equipped us with the resilience to navigate a way through these dramatic changes. In fact, the way we have performed so far has reinforced just how resilient we are, and that should be celebrated.” said Margaret McDowall Chairman of the National Trust.

“This is a unique opportunity for our young students to express themselves artistically, while diving deep into the rich heritage we have in Trinidad and Tobago. Our monuments often go unnoticed, and we think this is a unique opportunity to drive awareness among our younger population that will result with a better understanding of their identity and the importance or preserving these heritage sites”, stated Managing Director of Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Mr. Clive Fletcher.

Artists can choose from over 300 intriguing monuments and sites found on the National Trust website. Each of these have fascinating stories behind them, providing some of the inspiration for artists who are being given the freedom to creatively interpret what heritage means to them, in a variety of media, including digital art. Accordingly, the exciting prizes include laptop and tablet computers and accessories which are now essential for the social and academic pursuits of students.

Hosting the competition at this time is an important statement on how families can safely reintegrate social activities in a fun way and at the same time allow Trinidad and Tobago to demonstrate an important expression of global solidarity with confronting the ongoing worldwide health crisis. 

The competition is open until April 5th and interested artists can visit the National Trust website for all the details.

The international Day for Monuments and Sites has been organised for the past 21 years by the International Council On Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), a global non-governmental organization associated with UNESCO, as part of its mission to promote the conservation, protection, use and enhancement of monuments, building complexes and sites.

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