Municipal Police will Boost Citizen Safety and Security in Every Community

Photo credit: Chico Chamber of Commerce

November 10, 2017: It is in the best interest of all burgesses of this country, that we at Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government keep the population informed about our activities; the activities that will directly benefit you and your families in the months and years to come.

We are charged with serving the people of Trinidad through the fourteen (14) Municipal Corporations, and have endeavoured to do so in a way that is truly representative of both our mandate and the needs of our fellowmen.

In July 2016, Cabinet approved the creation of 1107 additional Municipal Police positions to be distributed across the country so each Municipal Corporation could have a complement of 100 officers on their staff. The aim of this action is to improve citizen safety and security, and restore a sense of community leadership to the Service by eliminating the concern of short-staffing.

When we advertised the position of Municipal Police Constable in February of this year, we received 4,389 applications, demonstrating that so many citizens are taking a direct vested interest in improving safety in our country. Out of these, the Office of Law Enforcement Policy (OLEP) determined that 541 applicants qualified to move forward with the process.

The examination for the position of Municipal Police Constable took place in April 2017, with 488 candidates being successful. This examination was administered by the Public Service Commission in conjunction with the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, and OLEP. Interviews for these candidates have been ongoing since August 2017 and are expected to conclude in December.

Following this, each potential officer will be subject to a thorough background investigation and will undergo medical and psychological evaluation. Subsequently, successful candidates will enter the four-month training programme led by OLEP.

We look forward to welcoming new officers into the Municipal Police Service in the coming year, and feel confident that this cohort will certainly make an impact in supporting the safety of you and your families in your homes, communities and across our nation.



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