MoRDLG collaborates with the La Romaine Community Council

Minister Kazim Hosein

The National Volunteer Network Coordinator in the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government along with representatives from the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts will be embarking on a community outreach project to assist members of the La Romaine Community Council and by extension residents of La Romaine.


With all decisions, there must be consultation with the people. On Friday evening, representatives from both Ministries and the San Fernando Volunteer Network (SFVN) joined with members of the La Romaine Community Council to discuss the plans and preparations that should follow as a result of these consultations. Residents of the La Romaine area expressed their heartfelt desire to have the Centre up and running once again saying, “This community centre facilitated a lot of youth activities such as small goal football, basketball and even community concerts which allowed young people from all areas to be a part of something constructive and build awareness to the community itself.”


National Volunteer Network Coordinator from the Ministry, Mr. Matthew Kailah commended the U.S. Embassy – Social Services Department for reaching out to assist the residents and the Community Council with revamping community activities in the region saying, “This is truly an exhibition of volunteerism and community spirit crossing borders with members of the United States joining hands with the San Fernando Volunteer Network (SFVN) to lend a helping hand to the burgesses of La Romaine as they do major renovations to the current building. This will enhance the community by bring back extra-curricular activities such as the Home-work Programme, Sporting competitions, Concerts and even Health and Wellness Programs.”


If you’re interested in being a part of this volunteer initiative, feel free to contact the National Volunteer Network Coordinator, Mr. Matthew Kailah at 314-6481.




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