MoE: Schools Ready for New Academic Year

September 2, 2017: The Chief Education Officer supported by the School Supervision and Management Division continues to work assiduously to ensure the readiness for opening of ALL schools for the new academic year on Monday September 4th 2017. The Ministry of Education takes this opportunity to clarify statements made that allude to ill-preparedness by the Ministry to facilitate the reopening of all of the nation’s schools.

Subsequent to a meeting held on September 1st, between a delegation of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) and a department of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry received reports that teachers have been cautioned on attending school when opened as a result of safety concerns.

While some minor repairs will continue in some schools during the first week of classes, this will NOT mandate closure of any of the schools or in any way jeopardize the safety of students or staff members. Some of these repairs were uncontrollably delayed due to inclement weather in some instances and will be completed once the weather permits.

The Ministry of Education is committed to ensuring that students have a safe and comfortable environment within which learning can take place throughout the academic year. Minister Anthony Garcia has given his assurance to all stakeholders that he will continue to work toward upholding his tradition of having schools opened on time to begin the new school year. 


For more information contact:

Corporate Communications Division
Ministry of Education
Education Towers, No.5 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain


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