MOE facilitates completion of SBAs for CSEC and CAPE

Secondary school teachers responded positively to the Ministry of Education’s call to report for duty from today, June 8, 2020, to assist students who have outstanding School Based Assessments (SBAs) at both the CSEC and CAPE levels.

Reports indicate that Form 5 and 6 students were engaged in all public secondary schools in Trinidad, with the exception of only 6 schools which have already completed their SBAs.

See the below the breakdown of today’s attendance. 

    • At Caroni District Education District there were 46 teachers attending to 125 students in 10 subject areas.
    • At North Eastern Education District there were 15 teachers attending 67 students in 15 subject  areas
    • At South Eastern Education District there were 16 teachers attending 84 students in 9 subject  areas
    • At Port of Spain Education District there were 130 teachers attending 526 students in 30 subject  areas
    • At Victoria Education District there were 19 teachers attending 213 students in 12 subject  areas
    • At St. George East Education District  there were 32 teachers attending 110 students in 18 subject  areas
    • At St. Patrick Education District there were 19 teachers attending 97 students in 30 subject  areas

At this time the data indicates that only 19% of SBA submissions are outstanding at the CAPE level and just 3% at the CSEC Level. This low percentage and the fact that schools were suddenly closed on March 16, 2020, point to the fact that teachers have continued to work with their students during the period of school closure.

The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education commend the principals and their support staff who reported to schools to ensure the necessary cleaning and sanitizing of schools took place to ensure a safe environment for our teachers and students. “I am very pleased with the turnout of Secondary school teachers, bearing in mind that a rostering system had to be implemented to ensure that social distancing is observed. I want to publicly commend and thank the teachers for their continued commitment to ensure the success of all of our students”.

The Ministry of Education continues to support students at all levels of the education system and it remains committed to working with all stakeholders of the education system of Trinidad and Tobago in ensuring that the nation’s children are supported during the period of COVID-19.


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