MoE Executives Meet Stakeholders

President of APPSS, Donna Marie-Berthrand (far left) and President of APASS, Allison Noel- Sarjeant (third from right) and members of their respective delegations.

November 2, 2017: The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education has praised secondary school principals for implementing measures to significantly improve school discipline. This compliment was extended during a meeting with representatives of the Association of Principals for Public Secondary Schools and the Association of Principals for Assisted Secondary Schools.

The two major stakeholder bodies met with Minister Garcia, Dr. the Honourable Lovell Francis, Minister of State  and other Senior Executives of the Ministry on Wednesday November 1stto discuss various topics such as; funding, scholarships, school repairs, security, Information Communications Technology (ICT) plans, data collection and qualification for coaches.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Ministers indicated that “At the end of the meeting, I made the point that the MOE is very pleased with the performance of the majority of our principals. One of the points highlighted was the fact that principals have been working assiduously to ensure that the levels of indiscipline and violence have been on the decline for quite some time. Principals have been giving us information that tells us that in our school system, our students and our teachers are adhering to school regulations.”

Minister Garcia assured that the Ministry of Education will continue similar consultations with all stakeholders to ensure that students receive quality education and the physical environment is conducive to teaching and learning.   Representatives of the two major stakeholder bodies were also reminded to encourage their principals to maintain very high standards of discipline in their schools and that teachers instruct in accordance with the prescribed syllabus.

The delegation from the Association of Principals for Public Secondary Schools was led by its President Donna-Marie Bertrand and included First Vice-President, Phillip Khaloo, 2nd Vice-President Mary Felix, Secretary Andrina Antoine-Cruickshank and representatives David Ramsundar (Caroni), Maurice Inniss (POS), Patricia Pitt (Victoria) and Bernice David (NEED). The delegation from the Association of Principals for Assisted Secondary Schools was led by President Allison Noel-Sarjeant and included Vice-President Lucia Reyes, Secretary Sonia Mahase-Persad and member Roy Nandlal.



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