Misleading Express editorial

The Ministry of Fianance released the following statement on Monday July 15, 2019.

The Editorial in today’s Daily Express (July 15th, 2019) about the tenure of the Board of Tourism Trinidad Limited makes little sense.

In that editorial, the newspaper completely missed the point, which is simply whether or not the Board of the company was reappointed for a further two years at the Annual General meeting in February 2019, as stated in an article published in the Saturday Express of July 13th, 2019.

The assertion of a further two-year term to 2021 is the specific issue that has been investigated and it has now been confirmed that the Board was not reappointed for a further two years at that AGM.

Instead, contrary to the assertions published in that Saturday Express article, eight members of the Board of Trinidad Tourism Limited, including the Chairman, were merely reappointed by Resolution of the Shareholder at the AGM of February 19th, 2019, without a fixed term.

This means, in accordance with the company’s bylaws and the Companies Act, that they remain in office until the next Annual General Meeting or until their successors are appointed, which can be at any time that the Cabinet approves or directs.

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