Ministry of Social Development and Family Services showcases social services at La Joya Facility

Breakfast with Granny : 90 year old iconic local figure Lynette ‘Granny’ Luces, was also in attendance during the session.

“We are quite impressed with the information provided today, since we have been unaware of the many social programmes and services offered by this Ministry,” remarked Mr Wayne Estrada, President of Eastern Credit Union as he interacted with staff of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, during the Credit Union’s recently held Breakfast Meeting session on 14 April, 2018. The event which took place at the La Joya Facility, Eastern Main Road, St Joseph, attracted scores of persons, who obtained valuable knowledge on topics of interest, as well as social services.


The Ministry was pleased to participate in this initiative as it seeks to continue to raise awareness on its programmes, grants and services throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Some of the social programmes and services, showcased at the Breakfast Meeting included information on: counselling/psycho-social support and parental support through the National Family Services Division, social assistance grants provided by the Social Welfare Division, support and care for the elderly, substance abuse and rehabilitation through the Piparo Empowerment Centre, the Retirees’ and Geriatric Adolescent Partnership Programmes (RAPP and GAPP) as well as the National Social Development Programme.

Many participants who visited the Ministry’s booth commented on how pleased they were to access the information and mentioned that they will be sure to follow-up with the respective Divisions/Units of the Ministry for further support.


After the Meeting, Mr Estrada, thanked the Ministry for its participation and mentioned that the Credit Union looked forward to future collaborative efforts. Personnel of Ministry of Social Development and Family Services’ Tobago offices are expected to join Eastern Credit Union in Tobago during May, 2018 as the Credit Union continues to increase awareness of its services and showcase available social services among its clientele.


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