Ministry of Social Development and Family Services Moves Into Flood Affected Area to Offer Services

Briefed: Social Welfare Officer Brent Joseph of the Tunapuna brief staff of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services and members of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment prior to the conducting of assessments of affected households.

October 24, 2017: The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services commenced assessments of flood affected households today, October 23, 2017, as clearance was given by the Disaster Management Units (DMUs) under the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.

The work of the Ministry’s relief efforts was stymied, since some of the areas visited were still under flood waters up to yesterday. With assistance from soldiers attached to the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment (who were trained in conducting assessments), the Ministry also deployed several of its Field Officers and Volunteers in the Princes Town region, Kelly Village, Madras Road, and other areas within St Helena and environs.

Staff will also be deployed to areas affected in the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo, Penal/Debe and Sangre Grande regions, tomorrow and throughout the week to conduct assessments.  Following this, the Ministry will provide temporary food support, repairs for structural damage, grant funding for the replacement of destroyed furniture and appliances, and counselling and psycho-social support to those who are in need.

Given the persistent rainfall now being experienced, the Ministry, as a second responder, is committed to working with key stakeholders to bring about the much needed relief to affected persons.  The Ministry will also be working closely with the DMUs so that assessments can be conducted in other areas of the country, like Rio Claro/Mayaro, Siparia, Arima, Chaguanas, Diego Martin, and San Fernando, in the soonest possible time frame.

Affected persons are reminded that first level restoration and needs assessments will be conducted by the Regional Corporations and this information will be communicated to the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, where verification will quickly take place to provide the necessary relief.  For further information on disaster relief funding and food support, persons may call the Ministry’s toll free hotline at 800–1MSD. Persons in need of counselling services may contact the National Family Services Division at 794-7483 or 784-5583.




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