Ministry partners to educate on fall prevention

Ms Afiya Cunningham of the Division of Ageing addresses participants at the third annual National Fall Prevention Programme at Warrenville Regional Complex.

Almost one in two adults (43%) have fallen in the last year. Among those who have fallen, a quarter who have fallen sustained a hip surgery and have died in one year and only 30% have maintained their quality of life and independence. This was revealed by Physiologist, Dr Carla Rauseo at the third annual National Fall Prevention Programme which took place from March 18th – 21st throughout various venues across the country.

The Programme in its third annual instalment was hosted by the Stay Steady Foundation in collaboration with the Total Rehabilitation Centre Ltd, Springfield College, Massachusetts and Enhanced Rehab Services. The event, aimed at educating persons on how to decrease fall risk, by exploring and determining factors which increase an individual’s susceptibility to falling and explored avenues to reduce the risk of falling.

The free event offered persons 60 years and over information about the risks and causes of falling in older adults, health-related causes of falls, over the counter medicines that contribute to older adults falling and how to recover from a fall. The event also offered individual assessments for balance.

At the heart of this initiative was the message that falls are preventable and are not a "normal" part of aging. The programme offered simple tips and techniques that older adults can use to prevent falls including Strength and Balance Exercises and Yoga.

A key feature of the event was the presentation by the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services Division of Ageing. As the core government agency with the responsibility of facilitating a healthy and vibrant ageing population within Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry was present to share on the various programmes and services available to persons 60 years and over including Older Persons Information Centre, Senior Activity Centres, GAP Programme, as well as the Senior Citizens Pension which has a new dimension in terms of payment and how these can be accessed.

The Ministry also showcased its various programmes and grants through an information booth and was once again, proud to support the National Fall Prevention Programme, as the Ministry continues to fulfil its mandate to help, empower, and transform lives.

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