Ministry launches point of sale debit card system (LINX)

The Ministry of Works and Transport is pleased to announce the introduction of the Point of Sale Debit Card System at Licensing Offices across Trinidad and Tobago. This system will be implemented on a phased basis, commencing at two locations - Licensing Headquarters Frederick Settlement, Caroni and Wrightson Road Port of Spain.
Members of the public can now utilise their debit cards as a method of payment when conducting transactions.

Please note that the limit on your debit card transactions at Licensing Office is subject to the daily limit approved by your respective banking institution. For instance, if your approved daily limit is three thousand dollars ($3000.00), your transaction via debit card cannot exceed this amount. In cases where the cost of your transaction exceeds the daily limit of your banking institution, part payment can be made via your debit card and the remaining balance can be paid in cash.

It is critical to note that Credit Cards and Pre-paid International Debit Cards are not approved for use at Licensing Offices across Trinidad and Tobago. The point of sale devices will accept Linx Debit Cards Only. The benefits of the new point of sale/debit card system include:
 Improved customer service delivery and efficiency
 Reduced risk and increased security as persons are not required to utilize cash to conduct

The Ministry anticipates that this system will bring considerable convenience to the public as well as improvement to the cadre of services available at Licensing Divisions across the country. This latest offering is part of the Ministry’s continued mission to modernize operations at the Licensing Division by providing greater convenience to the public while reducing the dependency on paper based verification systems.

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