Ministry of Health investigates alleged mould in juice boxes

The Ministry of Health is aware of the Social Media video which alleges the appearance of mould in juice boxes.  An official complaint was made to the Chemistry/Food and Drugs Division of the Ministry of Health and immediate steps have already been taken to address the issue.

As per the standard procedure:

  •          Samples of the product under question, which were received from the complainant, were sent to the Trinidad Public Health Lab for testing.
  •   A meeting was held with representatives from the juice manufacturer who gave a commitment to ensure due diligence. An in-house reference sample, from the same product batch of the affected juice, was pulled for testing by the manufacturer. The manufacturer also provided comprehensive documentation of their protocols regarding customer complaints of this nature.

The Chemistry/Food and Drugs Division will continue to take the necessary steps, through sampling and the inspection of the manufacturing facility, to ensure the integrity of the goods produced at that location.

The public is reminded of the basic precautionary measures to be taken when purchasing packaged food items and beverages:

  • Check the general condition of the packaging (Cans, Tetra packs etc) to ensure that the package is NOT damaged, discolored, dented or broken.
  • Check for the Expiry Date / Best Before Date on the package.
  • Follow the storage instructions as stated on the label of the product.

Where there is a general concern or suspicion concerning packaged food items and beverages, persons are invited to contact the Chemistry/Food and Drugs Division via:

Samples may also be brought into the Division which is located at #92 Frederick Street, Port of Spain.

The Ministry of Health assures the population that it will take the necessary steps, through the interventions of the Chemistry/Food and Drugs Division and the Public Health Inspectorate, to ensure the safety of consumers and the overall health of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. 


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