Ministry of Health Encourages the Public to Play their part in Mosquito Eradication

The Ministry of Health advises the public that the Insect Vector Control Division (IVCD) stands ready to assist in the management and control of the mosquito vector through its detection, surveillance and vector population control activities. The Division is adequately resourced with the required equipment and materials to provide this public service. Persons wishing to contact the IVCD for vector control measures may call 612-4823 ext. 5456/5402 or 612-0088. A name, address and contact number must be given when requesting assistance.

The public is reminded though, that source reduction strategies are the most effective way to prevent mosquito borne diseases. Persons are urged to ensure that potential breeding locations, including: flower pot saucers, vases, tyres, buckets, barrels, plastic drums and water storage containers are regularly cleaned, removed, turned over or treated to support the Ministry’s source reduction efforts. The public is further advised to protect themselves and their family from mosquito bites by:

·       Sleeping under mosquito nets

·       Using insect repellent (apply to the skin) or spraying insecticide indoors

·       Wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants.

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