Ministry of Health clarifies its role in the operations of the Nursing Council

The Ministry of Health wishes to re-emphasise, in the public domain, its role and that of the Minister of Health, as it relates to the operations of the Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago (NCTT).

In accordance with the Nursing Personnel Act, Chapter 29:53, neither the Ministry nor the Minister of Health have any jurisdiction over specific issues relating to the conduct of elections by the Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago. These matters fall within the remit of that Council. In the absence of any official reports and supporting evidence of wrongdoing requiring intervention in the public interest, matters relating to NCTT elections must therefore be addressed internally.

Notwithstanding, the Ministry of Health has been informed that the Council met, discussed the conduct of elections and the alleged irregularities. Any inconsistencies were resolved and decisions were taken on the way forward.

Based on the provisions of the Nursing Personnel Act, following the Council’s notification of the newly elected members, the Minister will identify the additional six (6) persons to serve on the Council.

The Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago is an autonomous body which has all authority to manage its internal affairs. The Ministry of Health will continue to operate in a manner that upholds the tenants of the law and safeguards the health of the population.

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