Ministry of Education reiterates there is no impasse

The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education has reiterated his point that there is not an impasse as it pertains to the current review of monies paid for places at Private Secondary Schools. In a recent release the Association of Principals of Private Secondary Schools attempted to bring into disrepute the statements made by the Minister. The Ministry of Education therefore upholds the contents of its last release on the topic and urges the Association to desist from attempts to get their requested raise through scare tactics.

The Ministry has upheld and continues to follow government procedures at this time. Meetings have been held, a committee formed and the next step will be a review of the proposal of the committee with the Principals' Association. Minister Garcia reminded the Principals that at this time the objective of both parties was the same; to provide a quality education to the nation's children.

As the Ministry prepares to meet with the committee to review the proposal it is hoped that an amicable resolution can be achieved without the unnecessary media fall out that is currently taking place. Minister Garcia has stated in no uncertain terms that an increase is necessary and due to the private schools but also states that government procedure and policy must be followed. “It is truly unfortunate that the Association would seek to misrepresent the current process underway to achieve the increase that they seek. I however, will continue to work to the best of my ability to bring an expedient resolution to this matter. These schools have, and continue to provide invaluable service to Trinidad and Tobago and we must work together to continue this partnership.”




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