Ministry of Education executives meet with new NPTA

The newly appointed and installed executive of the National Parent/Teachers Association (NPTA) met with Minister of Education Anthony Garcia and an executive team of the Ministry on January 03, 2018 at the Education Towers, Port of Spain.

The meeting, with an agenda proposed by the NPTA, covered several areas of concern for the stakeholder group pertaining to the education system that were met with fervent discussion and subsequent mutual agreements on the way forward.

After an agreement was reached for a full and comprehensive look at the issues brought to the table, the meeting covered concerns such as updates on repairs of schools which were a part of the Vacation Repair Programme and their readiness for the new school term; the existing cell phone policy and a proposed review that will be done by the NPTA and their recommendations subsequently brought to the Ministry; the continued reduction in acts of indiscipline and violence in schools and the equitable distribution of resources for students such as lunches and textbooks to ensure that the wastage that currently occurs is mitigated.

National President of the NPTA, Raffiena Ali-Boodoosingh also called for a strengthened relationship between the NPTA and the Ministry. To ensure involvement in decision-making the NPTA has asked to be involved in all planned activities of the Ministry of Education so that parents can be represented. Discussions with the NPTA will take place again before the end of the school term continuing with the Ministry’s commitment to enhanced stakeholder engagement for 2018 and beyond.



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