Ministry of Education assures places for all SEA students

Caption: Minister of Education, the Honourable Anthony Garcia. (File Photo)

June 13, 2017: The Ministry of Education takes the opportunity to allay the fears of parents and guardians concerning the ability of the Ministry of Education to provide spaces in secondary schools for all students who will be leaving their primary schools and entering secondary schools in September.

The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education reiterates that Government’s policy is to ensure universal secondary education and is personally assuring that there will be a smooth transition from primary to secondary school for all students come September 2017.

He also said it is the practice of the Ministry of Education to send official correspondenceasking School Principals to submit their projected intake of Form One students for the next school year. He said, “Every year we find that some School Principals reduce their projected figures,making it difficult for officials to place students in secondary schools. To prevent this practice, every year a circular memorandum is sent to School Principals asking them to ensure accurate figures are presented.”

Minister Garcia said this circular memorandum was not meant for public attention and was a confidential document where the School Supervisors III would have alerted and disseminated the contents of the circular memorandum to School Principals. He said an investigation will be launched on how this confidential information got leaked as it has created panic amongst parents and guardians.He reiterated that there is place for every child who wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) in secondary schools. 



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