Minister of National Security signs Explosives (Prohibition of Scratch Bombs) Order 2018

Today (December 28, 2018), the Minister of National Security the Honourable Stuart R. Young signed the Explosives (Prohibition of Scratch Bombs) Order 2018, in keeping with Cabinet’s announcement on 22 November to officially ban scratch bombs into Trinidad and Tobago.

The Order was made by the Minister in keeping with Section 37 of the Explosives Act, Chapter 16:02.

The Order prohibits persons from manufacturing, importing, keeping, conveying or selling a scratch bomb. Persons found breaching the Order may be liable upon indictment, to a fine of $20,000.00 or ten years imprisonment or forfeiture of the items.

The Order was published in the Gazette as Legal Notice No. 197 dated December 28, 2018 (please see attached) and takes immediate effect.

Minister Young encourages all citizens to take heed of this Order and continue to respect the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.


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