Minister Mitchell: Temporary site offices installed for lifeguards at Maracas, Tyrico

The Ministry of Tourism has procured and installed, through UDeCOTT, a 40-ft container to temporarily accommodate lifeguards at Maracas and Tyrico beaches until works are complete.

The container, which was outfitted with office, washroom and storage facilities will house the lifeguards while remedial works are being undertaken to upgrade the main quarters at the Maracas Beach Facility.

The Ministry of Tourism continues to have discussions with the lifeguards with a view of having them revert to operating normal hours, as they have been working for reduced hours over the past few weeks.

Tourism Minister, the Honourable Randall Mitchell says the refurbishment works, when completed in a few weeks, will enhance the overall stakeholder and visitor experience for all at the beaches.

He is also urging beachgoers to exercise caution and heed all advisories to ensure safety remains a priority while at the beaches.

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