Minister Hosein: Garbage collectors cannot hold citizens to ransom

November 26, 2019. Kent House, Maraval – Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Haji Kazim Hosein heeded the call of residents to visit Upper La Puerta Avenue today to witness a vast mound of garbage amassed along the hillside.

As Minister Hosein viewed the mound of garbage left by the garbage contactor he noted with grave concern the potential public health hazard and on-going discomfort to residents of Upper La Puerta Avenue in Diego Martin. Resident, Kheanon Craig took the opportunity to inform Minister Hosein that the garbage pile was as a result of three weeks of neglect by the contractor.

Minister Hosein wishes to advise the residents that this matter is receiving his attention and the Ministry will be assisting to resolve the matter in the speediest time possible. The Minister condemns the actions of this contractor as their failure to comply with its contractual obligations negatively impacts the state of homes, families and individual well-being. Failure to collect and properly dispose waste materials has the potential for the transmission of air and waterborne diseases.

The contract entered into by BK Holdings Limited and the Diego Martin Regional Corporation binds the contractor to honour its obligation to the client; the Diego Martin Regional Corporation by collecting and disposing of sixty-four (64) bins. This contract is enforceable by the Corporation and steps will be taken to enforce the default clause therein.

Minister Hosein adds that public funds are being used to obtain a service and the contractor is duty bound to provide that service.

Minister Hosein was joined by Chairman of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation Susan Hong, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Anthony Chang Kit, Public Health Medical Officer, Vern Edwards, Permanent Secretary Desdra Bascombe and Deputy Permanent Secretaries Raymond Seepaul and Jameel Chadee Ameeral.

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