Minister Gopee-Scoon calls for greater stakeholder commitment to advance the horse racing industry

Caption: The Minister of Trade and Industry, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon (left) is greeted by the President, Arima Race Club (ARC), Mr. Linford Carrabon (right). (Photo courtesy the Ministry of Trade and Industry)

February 16, 2017: In addressing a room filled with avid horse racing stakeholders at the Arima Race Club Jetsam Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 15 February, 2017, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry congratulated the winners in the various categories and acknowledged the valuable contribution the industry continues to make to the economic landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

She told the audience that the Government is cognizant of the challenges which the industry is encountering and is committed to the enactment of the Gambling (Gaming and Betting Control) Bill which will ensure that there is a modern legal and regulatory framework for gaming, gambling and betting.  She underscored, however, that there is much more to be done by stakeholders.

Senator Gopee-Scoon indicated that ‘the current economic climate constricts the Government’s ability to make cash injections.  The development in the industry however needs more than direct financial support. It is well noted on any balance sheet, that the industry is healthy, owning valuable property.  Those who love the sport and are committed enough are added to those who hold responsibility, meaning the Boards of the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Associaton and Betty Levy Board must take horse racing seriously if the industry is to be sustained and grow.  I am trusting that the racing fraternity will not relinquish the objective of developing Trinidad and Tobago as the horse racing centre of the Caribbean but what certainly must not go unnoticed, are the proposed plans, which are already in the public domain, for further development within other parts of the region’. 

Senator Gopee-Scoon affirmed that the Ministry of Trade and Industry stands ready to support the industry’s efforts and called on stakeholders to place greater effort in advancing the sport of horse racing.      

Mr. Linford Carrabon, President, Arima Race Club noted that the presence of stakeholders at the Awards Ceremony indicates their passion and commitment to the development of the sport. He said ‘like the national economy, horseracing is also facing some challenging times and what we do in 2017 will determine the future of racing. The changes we make this year will be necessary if we want the sport to continue and remain alive’.

The Jetsam Awards are named after the famous creole racehorse and sire of the 1940s. It is reputed by many to be the greatest creole horse ever bred in Trinidad and Tobago.





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