Minister of Education Responds to Viral Videos from Siparia West Secondary

Minister of Edcuation, the Honourable Anthony Garcia. Photo courtesy: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

October 8, 2017: Minister of Education Anthony Garcia has condemned the behaviour displayed by students, in videos that have now become viral, engaging in acts of extortion and assault at the Siparia West Secondary School. Minister Garcia has deemed the incidents as ‘criminal' and has engaged the Minister of National Security to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes, feel the full brunt of the law. The Minister stated that “with the incidence of school indiscipline and violence on the decline, greater attention must be paid for the swift curtailment of such behaviour. The Ministry of Education holds fast to its commitment to safety and security in our nation's schools and all measures will be put in place to secure our students. I can say with certainty that no parent sent his child to school with the expectation that their child would be an aggressor or victim of assault.”

The Minister was also concerned with the lack of supervision on the school's compound. He reiterated that a part of the job of a principal or a teacher is the supervision of students, this he said,  is critical as scenarios such as the ones seen in the videos circulated on Social Media, should never be given the opportunity to occur.  The Minister of National Security has indicated that officers from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will be on site at the school tomorrow to lay charges on the students involved in the altercations. The Ministry will also be investigating how supervision is conducted at the school to alleviate any possible future occurrence.

 Minister Garcia cautioned students that the Ministry has a zero tolerance policy on indiscipline and any student found to be engaging in disruptive behaviour will be swiftly dealt with in accordance with the law. 



School Violence; Siparia West Secondary


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