Minister Cuffie: Christmas story is about making the right choices

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December 23, 2016:  The Christmas season is truly upon us, and in a few days, we will join with Christians across the world in welcoming the birth of Jesus Christ, proclaimed by the angels as the one who is to save his people from their sins. The Christmas story is one we know very well, and it is that familiarity that causes us, at times, to lose sight of its significance.

As we busy ourselves with the cleaning, the shopping, and all the other preparations that characterize our commemoration of this important event, let us not ignore the important lessons contained therein.

The birth of Jesus Christ to the previously unknown Mary who came from an even more obscure village called Galilee, should remind us of how often we ignore those who, because of accidents of geography, do not satisfy our own notions of acceptability, of class, of education, of social standing, and are therefore relegated to the peripheries of society.

Mary and Joseph’s inability to secure a proper or acceptable place to give birth to Jesus should not only cause us to be grateful for the roof over our heads, but to be even more mindful of those who have no such luxury, who will spend this Christmas homeless and with not even a garage open to them. Herod’s willingness to kill the infant Jesus should cause us, particularly those in public life, to reflect on our own willingness to remain in power at all and any cost, even if it means constructing a morality of our own. In our country today, there are as many Jesus’ waiting to bring salvation to this country, as there are Marys and Josephs and Innkeepers and Herods.

As we go about this task of building our country, we have the opportunity to choose which one of these characters we are going to be. Will we choose the path of least resistance or will we choose the road less travelled, the one that will cause our country to achieve the heights that we all know are indeed possible.

On behalf of my own family and myself, I urge you to enjoy the festivities but to do so responsibly. If you must drink, then designate a responsible and sober driver. If you are too tired to drive, pull into a Police Station or Fire Station and ask to remain in the parking lot for a while or call someone to get you.

Remember too, firecrackers are illegal and have the potential to cause serious injury to others. Don’t let your enjoyment spoil the fun for others. I extend to you then, best wishes for a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas 2016.




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