Minister: Conservation is key to getting through dry season

Public Utilities Minister Senator Robert Le Hunte says while WASA is playing its part in managing the country’s water supply during this current dry season, it is equally important for citizens to manage their use of water and to continue to practice good conservation habits.

The Minister was speaking at the official commissioning ceremony of the CGCL South Oropuche to La Brea pipeline project on Friday, as Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the world observed World Water Day 2019, under the theme: Leaving No One Behind.

The Minister used the opportunity to provide an update on how the Ministry and WASA were managing the demand for water during the current dry season. Earlier this year, he had outlined three broad focus areas for the Ministry and WASA: Water production; addressing non –revenue water, particularly leaks; and public education.

He said that with regard to water production, WASA is currently drilling fifteen wells in Arouca, Granville, Chatham, Chaguaramas, Maraval, Santa Cruz and Tobago. Two of those projects are scheduled to be completed by April this year. Together, they will add 500 thousand imperial gallons to the system per day. When all fifteen wells are operational, they will add 3.5 million gallons of water to the Trinidad distribution system and 4 million gallons to Tobago.

Minister Le Hunte also noted that WASA is repairing existing wells. Over the past three months, the Utility repaired 27 of those wells, which together produce over 6 million gallons of water per day.

As far as leaks are concerned, WASA has been able to reduce those from over three thousand to just about two thousand in the past year, with a further reduction of the present figure expected by year’s end. Minister Le Hunte said that in addition to fixing the leaks, there is also a requirement to address pressure management and the installation of bulk meters to determine the flow of water into specific regions - all of which is being addressed.

He said as far as public education is concerned, both the Ministry and WASA have been engaged in on–going public awareness and sensitization campaigns on conservation and the sustainable use of the country’s water resources, particularly during the dry season.

He once again urged citizens to be mindful of their consumption habits and to practice good conservation habits in their homes.

The South Oropuche to La Brea Pipeline Project represents an upgrade of the transmission capacity in South Trinidad and will benefit hundreds of consumers in Rousillac, Sobo Village, Sobo Extension and La Brea, as well as industrial customers on the LABIDCO Industrial Estate and the Union Industrial Estate, including the Caribbean Gas Chemicals Plant.

Member of Parliament for La Brea, Olliverre also spoke at the commissioning ceremony and said she was happy the project had finally come to fruition since it will benefit several households in the southwestern region.

The commissioning ceremony was part of the Ministry of Public Utilities’ activities marking World Water Day 2019.




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