Minister and Deputy Speaker commission lights

The Morton Trace Recreation Ground and the La Seiva Basketball Court, are the latest sports facilities to be illuminated under T&TEC’s public lighting programme. The facilities are located in the Tunapuna Constituency of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Esmond Forde.

These latest projects were undertaken by T&TEC as part of   Government’s Public Lighting programme.  The programme, now in its 13th year has to date accounted for the illumination of almost 400 grounds, parks and courts as well as several pan yards, taxi stands, fishing depots and cremation sites around the country.

T&TEC’s Chairman Keith Sirju, in commissioning the new lights at both venues, noted that while they come at significant cost to the state, the provision of such facilities had the potential to build communities and engender team spirit and camaraderie among residents. He urged residents at both locations to use the lights wisely, and to conserve energy when the lights are not in use.

Public Utilities Minister Senator Robert Le Hunte echoed the Chairman’s sentiments noting the expenditure associated with the provision of such facilities were not confined to the infrastructural costs, but those associated with the provision of an electricity supply to power the lights. He added, it was therefore imperative that the beneficiaries of such facilities take responsibility for their maintenance, and also practice energy conservation at all times to ensure their longevity.  

Minister Le Hunte added, the provision of lights at La Seiva can only serve to enhance the excellent community spirit that already exists in the community, since it means residents can now enjoy extended hours for recreational and cultural activities.

Also speaking at both commissioning ceremonies, was Deputy Speaker and Member of Parliament for Tunapuna, Esmond Forde, who praised the T&TEC management for the timely response to the request to have the two facilities illuminated.  

Chairman Keith Sirju said in addition to planned upgrades to the electricity supply in the Maracas St. Joseph area, a vegetation management contract has been awarded for the clearing and maintenance of lines in the area.


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