Maracas Beach gets new facilities management arrangements

The Ministry of Tourism is pleased to announce that the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) has been selected to provide facilities management services at the Maracas Beach Facility. Minister of Tourism, Randall Mitchell noted, “UDeCOTT’s expertise in providing facilities management services will ensure that visitors and citizens alike will benefit from the fulfilled potential of Maracas Beach.”

UDeCOTT will work closely with the services providers currently providing security, garbage disposal, cleaning, car park and washroom management services. As the new facilities manager, UDeCOTT will address ongoing security issues including the activities of beach chair vendors through enhanced security measures which will be implemented before the end of 2018. A general maintenance capability will be sustained on the beach on a daily basis, and ensuring that food vending facilities are fit for purpose is also a priority. UDeCOTT is also charged with the responsibility to contract additional landscaping, fire suppression, waste water treatment and general contracting services.

The Ministry of Tourism looks forward to this partnership with UDeCOTT, to implement its restoration, action and operational plan for the Maracas Beach Facility. Visitors to the beach may now look forward to a safe, environmentally sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, modern, clean, and well managed facility of international standards. This is an important step in restoring this iconic stretch of beach to its internationally acclaimed status.

Phase 1 of the Maracas Beach Improvement Project Facility is being concluded by the Ministry of Works and Transport’s National Infrastructural Development Company Ltd (NIDCO), including the completion of a new sewage treatment plant.

With the closure of the Tourism Development Company in 2017, the Ministry of Tourism assumed responsibility for the Maracas Beach Facility, the Las Cuevas Beach Facility, the Manzanilla Beach Facility, the Vessigny Beach Facility and the La Brea Pitch Lake.


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