Lockdown was ordered at the Port of Spain Prison as a precautionary measure

On January 23, 2018, at approximately 4:00pm, a lockdown was ordered at the Port of Spain Prison as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and security of staff and inmates. The lockdown was initiated to allow staff to conduct a routine search of the institution. Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service were called in to assist with the operation, as part of the ongoing collaborative efforts between the Police and Prison Services.
Relative to information circulating via media sources, citing the cause and involvement of a well-known and high profile inmate, and an attempted jail-break, the Trinidad and Prison Service categorically refutes these claims. We stand committed to the protection of society and do not condone erroneous or incredible claims which do more harm than good.
It should be noted that during the lockdown and eventual search, there were several challenges faced, inclusive of a major standoff with inmates. This resulted in some prisoners sustaining non-life-threatening injuries and some having to be forcibly restrained, after officers were met with improvised weapons and physical acts of violence and aggression.
The operation was spearheaded by a senior official, who was present to ensure that the search was carried out professionally and with the minimum use of force.
A quantity of unauthorized items was found during the search. The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service continues to strengthen its measures to enhance safety and security, and maintains its partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to take action against any threat to life.


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