Local Government Ministry spearheads the establishment of Volunteer Networks in Municipal Corporations

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April 6, 2017: The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has undertaken the project to guide all Municipal Corporations through the establishment of a Volunteer Network. Minister Kazim Hosein petitioned Cabinet for this nationwide initiative designed to get citizens more involved in their communities, and provide an opportunity for people to complete community service hours. Permanent Secretaries Ms. Desdra Bascombe and Ms. Samdai Rampersad, the staff of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, and all local government practitioners have expressed their full support and enthusiasm for this initiative.

At a meeting held at Kent House on April 5, all Mayors, Chairmen and CEOs were guided through the roll out plan to establish a Volunteer Network in their municipality. Minister Kazim Hosein gave the mandate to all Mayors and Chairmen to launch their Volunteer Networks at their next Statutory Meeting. He highlighted the importance of our local government practitioners working with their burgesses and facilitating an organized way for people to give back to their communities. “Volunteers are the most important resource that we can have in our communities. People want to give back but they don’t always know how, so this initiative will give people an avenue to do so through their Corporation.” He was inspired to launch this project by the inaugural speech of Honourable Prime Minister Keith Rowley, who on that occasion, stressed the importance of volunteerism.

Minister Hosein stressed the importance of volunteers in the community and noted that the donation of time and energy to the improvement of a community will create a meaningful experience for both the volunteer and the Corporations. “As we move forward with local government reform, establishing individual Volunteer Networks is just one way of bringing local government closer to the people. It will help people to get to know their representatives and forge a relationship working alongside them.”

Volunteers invigorate a community, bringing their specialized skills, energy and desire to help to activities that will enrich each municipality. Establishing Volunteers Networks in each Corporation will have the added benefit of creating a national database of individuals and groups who are willing to lend a hand. “We are creating an avenue for people to help others, use their skills and develop new ones, build relationships, challenge themselves, and improve the quality of life in their communities. The Corporations are very excited to start their Volunteer Networks and the Ministry will lend the necessary guidance at every step of this process.”



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