Live Music District returns with Live at Fiesta Plaza

LMD’s first Live on the Avenue with BP Renegades

The highly anticipated Live Music District (LMD) is back. The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) has announced that Phase II of its flagship project will launch on Sunday 21st October with Live at Fiesta Plaza, at MovieTowne, Port of Spain from 5:30PM. This event is free and open to the public.

Live at Fiesta Plaza will feature performances by Xavier Strings and Kern Sumerville, as well as LMD artistes Daniel Griffith, Noche Blanca, Donald Job and Prince Naphtali.

The Pilot Phase featured soloists, duets and bands, in its artist roster. Phase II of the Live Music District will continue to take place in the city of Port of Spain and will now include instrumentalists as part of the artist roster.

The Pilot Phase saw over 167 registered artistes with the Live Music District. 68 of those artistes, consisting of both seasoned and up-and-coming, performed to over 2900 persons at various registered LMD venues and 11 special events throughout the 16-week period.

The Live Music District was launched in March 2018 and has since provided local artistes with opportunities to showcase their talent at various events and locations throughout the chosen Pilot in the Port of Spain district. Registered artistes have performed in venues such as Radisson Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Smokey and Bunty, Kaiso Blues Café, Xperience Event Centre, D’Bocas and the Rizzoni’s to name a few, as well as signature events such as Live at the Gardens and Live on the Avenue.

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