Lights for Pump Trace recreation ground

The Pump Trace Recreation Ground in Laventille is the latest facility to benefit from T&TEC’s aggressive public lighting programme. The illumination of the facility was undertaken by T&TEC’s lighting Department under the Government’s Public Lighting programme which has, to date, accounted for the illumination of almost 400 grounds, parks and courts, as well as several pan yards, taxi stands, fishing depots and cremation sites since its inception thirteen years ago.

T&TEC’s Chairman Keith Sirju, in commissioning the new facility on the weekend, noted the Pump Trace Recreation Ground is the fifth facility to be commissioned in the Laventille West area, and the second in two months. Collectively, these illuminated facilities benefit thousands of residents.  He urged users of the Pump Trace facility ensure it is properly maintained and exhorted them to conserve energy when the lights are not in use.

The T&TEC Chairman also thanked Public Utilities Minister Senator Robert Le Hunte and Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds for the part they played in ensuring the installation of the facility at Pump Trace. Minister Le Hunte, said the provision of such facilities had the potential to build communities and engender team spirit and camaraderie among residents.

Minister Le Hunte noted the costs associated with the provision of such facilities were not only the infrastructural costs, but those associated with electricity supply to power the lights. He also urged residents to use them wisely, and to conserve energy when the lights are not in use.

Other recent T&TEC projects in the area, include the upgrading of the Abattoir Sub – station which has benefitted over 4,000 customers in Sea Lots along Pioneer Drive and Production Avenue, as well as customers from Laventille Road, Riverside Plaza, Desperlie Crescent, Siparia Hill and Observatory, Duncan, St. Paul’s, Piccadilly and Nelson Streets within the City.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

T&TEC also recently installed a new transformer at the Morvant Sub- Station which is expected to increase its capacity and alleviate many of the voltage issues experiences by customers in that area.

In addition to these projects, the re-building of the Laventille sub-station is expected to be completed within the next three years. This will allow for a more flexible system that will facilitate a shift to an alternative supply should an outage occur, thereby reducing outage times. T&TEC expects that these projects will improve the reliability of supply to more than 21 thousand customers in Pump Trace and environs by the end of 2021. 



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