Light search and rescue training for new Municipal Police Constables

As Batch 1/2018 of Municipal Police Constables prepare to enter the field upon their graduation on Wednesday, the Senior Disaster Management Coordinator at the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has bolstered their training with a session on light search and rescue procedures.

The session was held last Friday at the training facility at the former Marabella South Secondary School, where approximately half of the batch of 199 candidates attended the session, while the remaining were engaged in firearm training. A second session will be conducted for those candidates so that the entire batch will have this knowledge prior to entering the field.

Light search and rescue operations entail situational assessment, as well as locating, documenting and extricating survivors. The new Constables were taught various techniques to lift, carry or drag persons during emergency incidents. Minister Hosein spoke in support of this addition to the regular Municipal Police training saying, “Our Municipal Police are very often first responders in emergency situations, therefore this collaboration with the Disaster Management Unit is instrumental in building that capacity to better serve the public. The new Constables must learn how to assess situations to ensure the quickest and safest removal of victims, while not putting themselves at risk of becoming victims themselves and needing rescue.”

The techniques learned will be applicable in instances where Municipal Police are first on scene for vehicular accidents, or structural damage due to earthquakes, flooding or manmade disasters. Further Emergency Training is planned for the entire Municipal Police Service, both existing and new officers, in the areas of basic first aid, CPR, and use of a field defibrillator. This training will be conducted at each of the fourteen Municipal Police Stations in the coming weeks.


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